Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ready for Fall!

Max at the Spa

My friend Max Squirrel is ready for fall.

All summer long he has languished in his Summer Spa (my plant pot that once contained peppers for Johnnie and I to eat). He ate the peppers, removed the plant and arranged the soil to his liking.  On several occasions I tried to run him off...squirting water from my trusty water bottle, turning the dog loose....all of the NORMAL antics that would run off a squirrel.  Well that didn't work too well....he actually WELCOMED the sprays from the water bottle. The dog was no threat.

So I did what any NORMAL person would do under the circumstances... I got my camera!  Max would wait while I opened the glass sliding door telling the dog to SIT while I take pictures! We developed quite a relationship.  Of course I had to remember to SHUT the door because he would come right up to the door to come in.  A squirrel in the yard in my pot is one thing, but a squirrel in the house with the Labrador Retriever...well that's something else!

But now...both Max and I are looking for COOLER weather.  No more watering the Spa. Time to move on.

Bring on Fall!